P’undrak’s Constructed Languages

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Hi, I’m P’undrak (pronounced /pʰynɖak̚/), also known as Lucien Cartier-Tilet. I create constructed languages and worlds, both for fun and for my literary universe. As you might have guessed with the name of this website, you will find here the documentation of my public constructed languages. If you want to know more about me, you can head to my main website.

Each language is published in three different formats:

  • a web version, which you can read online on this website
  • a PDF version, although it might be a bit outdated compared to the web version
  • an EPUB version when I remember to publish the language in this format. You can easily convert it to the MOBI format if your digital reader doesn’t support the EPUB format.

2. Languages List

2.1. Active Development

I am currently publicly working on two languages:

  • Proto-Ñyqy (formerly known as Ñyqy) is an a priori protolang I am developing in order to create a whole conlang family.
  • Eittlandic, an a posteriori language developed from Old Norse, the language spoken by vikings about a millennium ago. Eittlandic evolved from it isolated from the continent on its own island.

2.2. Inactive Development

All my documents in French are currently inactive, and I do not plan on working on them again. They include:

3. Licensing

The source code you can find in various programming languages in this repository including, but not limited to, Javascript and CSS source code is under the GPLv3 (legal code) licence.

The creative work contained in the main code repository, on my Github mirror, and on my website langue.phundrak.com is dual-licenced between the GFDL (legal code) for the text and the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, legal code) license.

Copies of all the mentionned licenses can be found in the code repositories mentionned above.

If you wish to obtain a special license that is incompatible with the current ones, please contact me at lucien@phundrak.com so we can discuss it.

Author: Lucien Cartier-Tilet

Email: lucien@phundrak.com

Created: 2022-05-06 Fri 15:59