Eittland (Eittlandic: Eittland, /ɑɪʔlɑ̃d/) is part of the family of Nordic countries and a member state of the Nordic Council, with a population of 31.5 millions as per the 2019 national census. It has a superficy of 121 km2, making it the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain. Its capital Đeberget is the largest eittlandic city with a population of 1.641.600 in 2019. The island is naturally separated in two, its western and eastern sides, by a chain of volcanoes spawning on the separation of the North American and the Eurasian plates, much like its northern sister Iceland. Thus, its Eastern side covers 49km2 of the island and hosts 11.3 million inhabitants while the western side covers 72km2 with a population of 20.1 millions.

Flag of Eittland